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Established in 1997 VesPro’s goal to research, develop and market state-of-the-art Phyto-nutrients and Phyto-pharmaceuticals. Today’s passion for anti-aging, aesthetics and fitness, especially among the baby-boomers, has merged with today’s megatrends in preventive medicine and complete nutrition. VesPro’s contemporary products target this megatrend.

VesPro researched the preventive medicine, aesthetics, sports and fitness markets extensively and determined that a natural Growth Hormone Releaser/secretagogue would be the initial, premier product. VesPro introduced the very first natural, oral GH releaser in the summer of 1997. With no less than twelve nationally published articles, the GH releaser has gained industry acceptance in both anti-aging and sports performance. VesPro’s professional commitment is to continuously make available to today's physicians quality, advanced, natural products that will:

Private Label Capabilities. Your brand, Our Technology.

VesPro's quality health products exclusively designed for used by Medical Community.

Is there a painless way to offer your patients high quality nutritional supplements in your brand?

Yes, you can have exclusive brand of supplements that cannot be found elsewhere. Increase your practice's earning potential with a ready made market that's right at your office.
  • proven leading edge products
  • trademarked and patented ingredients
  • products time tested by many doctors
  • product sold worldwide
  • product expert advise support from VesPro staff and medical doctors
  • international shipping experience
  • detailed product information online
  • in-house graphic department for label design
Makes quality health products accessible to your patients right at your office and earn profits for it.

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